Dappathon KL, the first decentralized application hackathon in Malaysia

Cyberjaya, MALAYSIA – On 17th – 19th August 2018, Dapp.com hosted Dappathon APAC Tour, a 3-day “decentralized application” oriented hackathon held in MaGIC Cyberjaya. The event was organized by Dapp.com, a platform which aims to unmask decentralized technology by helping and inspiring developers.

Co-hosted by Blocklime, the event itself aims to nurture and build blockchain developers in the blockchain ecosystem. As the first decentralized application hackathon in Malaysia, it also aims to increase the awareness of the technology, as well as to empower talents in the blockchain ecosystem.

The bootcamp was attended by 156 participants that worked in groups of 3-5 people to create a decentralized application aiming to solve daily problems. Each team had to go through two stages of pitching, first to the mentors, then they are required to prepare a presentation for the judges and audience.

DApp offered a full scholarship for 60 seats for selected participants who gave the best answers to a set of the questionnaire provided on the event page. The second and third day was prepared for the participants to compete for the Grand Prize of RM10,000, 2nd place RM5,000 and 3rd place RM2,000 cash prize.

Each group has successfully come up with different and creative ideas regarding the decentralized application. The first group winner named the app as Petech, an application that provides security for pets on blockchain. The second place winner created Unsealed Network, a project to tackle the media centralization and censorship issues, while the third place winner provides the idea of an application that helps to eradicate fake educational
certificates and credentials.

Overall, the Dappathon KL 2018 event was said to be a huge success, both for the organizers and participants. Dappathon will continue to expand its APAC tour in Hanoi, Vietnam, which will be held on 17th – 18th September 2018.