Escobar vs Trump: a stable coin to impeach a stable genius

Singapore, SINGAPORE – Like Trump, the name Escobar holds sway in more ways than one. That was one of the reasons how conman Billy McFarland, convinced the top supermodels in the business to shoot a viral marketing video to promote the disastrous Fyre Festival. The various videos, along with the Instagram cosigns by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski, Chanel Iman and others, convinced minor millennial influencers and partygoers to part ways with their money to experience a music festival that morphed into a scene straight out of Lord of the Flies replete with disaster relief tents as the accommodation of choice.

In addition, the video also namedropped Norman’s Cay as the venue of choice for this epic music festival. As most will know that this small Bahamian island in the Exumas is used by Carlos Lehder as a pitstop for the Medellin Cartel’s drug smuggling efforts into the United States by way of Miami and other coastal towns. If you’ve been watching Narcos and the Tom Cruise headlining American Made, you’ll know that Norman’s Cay is a stopover for Pablo Escobar and his consort of other Columbian drug lords. It is also a den for debauchery and hard partying away from prying eyes and wives.

Of course, Fyre Festival did not eventually happen on Norman’s Cay and rapper Ja Rule who is McFarland’s business partner of the farce didn’t even make the trip to adjacent Roker Point to see the disaster unfolding. But it does illustrate the point that other than the sight of frolicking supermodels, anything affiliated with Escobar has a way of changing the conversation.

And that’s where crypto project ESCOBARS is looking to organise a ‘hit’ of sorts on Donald Trump and his obsessions with a border wall.  As most are aware, Trump’s popularity is taking a nose dive as seasoned Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are baiting him with every trick in the book. The Trump Shutdown, in addition to various reports suggesting collusions with the Russians to undermine the sanctity of the electoral process in the United States, does not bode well for the sitting US President. Comical to a degree, after a GoFundMe campaign raising US$10 million called “ByeByeTrump” to impeach Trump  was blocked, the elder Escobar is turning to blockchain and starting his own crypto to take him out.

Roberto Escobar’s ESOCBAR is an ERC-20 stablecoin that is pegged to the US Dollar. The project is holding an ICO of 200 million tokens that will run until May. The goal: raising funds to impeach the stable genius that is Donald Trump by leveraging on the Escobar name. The money will be used to gather dirt and to recruit lobbyist to topple the President. In a video interview where both CEO and COO are sporting thick gold chains, Olo Gustafsson who is said CEO of Escobar Inc explained by circumventing censorship was a key factor in deciding on the use of crypto further his cause.

“We sold out within five days the whole ICO,” says Gustafsson. “We sold almost a billion coins… a lot of people don’t like Trump. And obviously, Pablo Escobar has a pretty good history at getting rid of people that he doesn’t like. Trump doesn’t like Mexicans and Latino. And obviously, this is Latino-based company, so we stand up for those rights. We represent the Latinos in America. And that’s why we got all this money.”

There will be a token swap as he alluded to vulnerabilities in the existing one. It will be called Q USD. This stablecoin will be traded soon on CoinTiger. They are also gunning for the Tether (USDT) market on each exchange that they list on. The process of removing the Trump administration from power will be legal and kosher as far as they have stated.

But then again, the notion that crypto fundraising can be used to take down those in power is terrifying and the mere attachment to a legacy that been associated with murder and mayhem may not be the most viable option. This harkens to a period when money has been used to purchase power, and power more money. What’s in a name? That which sells hedonistic leisure interests on fantasy islands and also character assassination in the very same vein. It will not be the first and last attempt to topple governments soon with digital assets.  And that’s why country-specific regulations are moving in to curtail such activities. For better or worse.