Gift of the Gab: Coinbase closes the corporate and personal account of social media platform founder

Singapore, SINGAPORE – The corporate and personal Coinbase account of Andrew Torba, founder of social media platform Gab, has been closed according to a tweet from the company’s official account.

Spurring censorship in any shape or form, Gab has been purportedly used as a way for the proliferation of hate speech and other abuses. It was used by the Pittsburgh shooter before his attack despite a repute for championing free speech online. Coinbase has also shuttered the merchant account of WikiLeaks. Julian Assange has proudly asked for donations over the years in crypto as did Edward Snowden who has a fondness for privacy coins.

Both Gab’s merchant account and Torba’s account has been shut down. And while there are other means to circumvent this with the use of another exchange, the inability to use Coinbase is pejorative due it being an on- and off-ramp for most Stateside to transact in crypto.

More importantly, the fact that pressure can be exerted in this instance is damning of the greater picture at large. And despite what one’s views are on content being voiced on the platform, there are instances that other users of other platforms such as Patreon are experiencing the same fate.