Huawei launches blockchain service for global use

Singapore, SINGAPORE – Huawei Cloud has officially launched its Blockchain Service (BCS) for global use, after launching it for commercial use in China earlier this year.

Now available on the international Huawei Cloud website, the service helps global enterprises and developers create, deploy, and manage blockchain applications quickly and at minimal cost on Huawei Cloud. Its global launch lays the foundations for a distributed global blockchain platform.

BCS is a cloud service that capitalizes on the advantages of HUAWEI CLOUD’s container and security technologies, among others. It is easy to use, efficient, and universally applicable, and can be used in data applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), finance, and other fields. The scenarios it can be used in cover data transactions, identity authentication, proof of information (such as real estate and education), remote healthcare, food source tracing, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and IoT device management. It offers substantial assistance for establishing a technological ecosystem and digitally transforming industries.

As early as 2016, Huawei joined Hyperledger, the most influential open source project in the blockchain field, hosted by the Linux Foundation. For its continuous technical and code contributions in two sub-projects, Fabric and STL, Huawei has been recognized as a key Hyperledger maintainer. Huawei is also the only maintainer from Asia in these sub-projects.

According to the press release, BCS features are open and easy to use as well as flexible and efficient with multiple efficient consensus algorithms and flexible switching, dynamic joining or quitting of multi-role nodes. It is also cost-effective with lower development, deployment and overhead costs with robust security and privacy protections with multi-layer encryption and privacy assurance.