Taipei’s DLT 101 to bring governments, financiers and the DLT sector

The first distributed ledger technology (DLT) focused summit in Taiwan, DLT101, aims to bring governments, venture capital and DLT sector together. Held from April 24th to 27th, the aim of the summit is to connect, educate, and empowering governments, companies and individuals by showcasing what is possible with real-world applications and integration of DLT in a hyper-globalising world. The first day will take place at Bithub Taipei.

 In addition, present will be lawmakers, regulators, and corporates meeting for a four-day agenda packed with more than 1,500 attendees and exciting events.

There will also be fireside chats and discussions at VIP dinners where top fund managers, executives and legislators will be present. DLT will serve as a beneficial platform for everyone to share, access, and value-add to this revolutionary technology.          

Notable keynote speakers include Alibaba, Jason Hsu, Roger Ver, and Phil Chen of HTC while representatives from Amazon AWS and Microsoft will also be present.

Phil Chen, CDO at HTC

On day two at Clapper Studio Taipei, there will be a security token roundtable and pitching session organised by event partner Security Token Network. The main conference will take place on the third day at Breeze Nanshan Taipei and it will feature keynotes, panel sessions and networking opportunities. Lastly, an invite-only luncheon with speakers and panellists will bring DLT 101 to a close on day four.

Amazon AWS and managed blockchain solutions

DLT 101 is organized by BoostX, a growth and acceleration agency that caters to technology funds and companies in partnership with Pentabase, a reverse-tokenization, and STO-focused consulting and marketing firm.

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