U.S. Senator and crypto critic Elizabeth Warren announces 2020 Presidential Run

Singapore, SINGAPORE – Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, known for her critiques of cryptocurrency, has announced that she will be running for President of the United States in 2020.

The senator, who is a strong opponent of big banks and unregulated capitalism, including cryptocurrency is the first major candidate from the Democratic party, which undoubtedly will put their maximum efforts to beat President Trump.

In the crypto space, Warren is known for her sharp criticism and multiple comments that expressed her concerns on ICO scams. She has gone on record to say that crypto is “easy to steal” in a Senate Banking Committee hearing in October 2018.

She then reiterated her stance again in November:

“It’s American families that end up paying the price when any regulator says we’re more interested in Wall Street. What I think is that we need a [Federal Reserve] that is engaged in watching where risk builds up in the system. That’s the Fed’s job — that’s not the job of American families.”

The Senator asserted that the crypto real-world applications have been few so far, although she wants to “nurture productive aspects of crypto” and see blockchain bring financial services to the unbanked and other benefits to consumers.

Despite having regulators, such as the Security and Exchanges Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) that watch over the crypto industry closely, many still think the regulations are still somewhat unclear.